Sunday, November 1, 2009

Kingsley Marie McBride
7lbs 7oz
19 inches long

Born Thursday October 22nd 2009
at 5:45pm

She's finally here!
We have been so blessed to have this little sweetheart in our home.
We are adjusting well and she already has Bryce wrapped around her little finger.

Our little Sweetheart
Kingsley Marie
Just got home and doing well
Pretty Girl
Mommy and Kingsley taking a nap
Sleeping with Daddy
Getting ready to go home
Big Yawn
1 day old
Daddy and Kingsley

Mommy's first time holding baby
Right after she was born


Mcbride Family said...

She is so adorable you guys. I am so happy for you. I think she looks JUST like Cassidy. So Precious.

Toni said...

Bryce looks like such a proud daddy in that picture, SO cute! I can't believe you're like, back to normal after less than a week. LUCKY! You should have like 17 kids if you heal that fast every time.

She's beautiful, you guys!

Mark and Audrey said...

Kingsley is so flippin cute!!!!!!!

Hayley Nelson Potter said...

Oh wow, she is beautiful, she looks just like her mommy! Congratulations!!

Laura and Guthrie said...

Oh my gosh! I can't stand it she is breath taking I can't beleive how fast they grow;)